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Outdoor Athletic Equipment in Southern California

Promote Exercise & Wellness on Your Property

If you’re a property owner looking for a way to help your guests remind mindful of and improve their physical fitness, ActionFit®’s line of outdoor exercise equipment is your answer. Installing exercise stations or training courses beyond the confines of a building will give your guests a breath of fresh air to revitalize their drive to meet their personal fitness goals.

More than 40 products from the ActionFit® line will add a new dimension of recreation in the Great Outdoors while helping people promote muscle fitness, core fitness, aerobic fitness, flexibility, balance, and more!

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Equipment Packages for Your Convenience

If you don’t know where to start with designing your outdoor exercise area, you can select from a few packages prepared by ActionFit®, customize one of them, or work with an outdoor fitness equipment designer from Sun Country Playgrounds to help you realize your vision for providing a way to stay healthy on your property.

ActionFit® packages include the following and more:

  • Endurance Course: This feature is designed to fill 900 square feet with 10 pieces of exercise equipment that cover core fitness, aerobic fitness, muscle training, and balance.
  • Traditional Course: Using a sit-up station, T-bar, chin-up bar, hurdles, and more this station features classic and time-tested pieces of stationary fitness equipment.
  • Compact Course: Using only 350 square feet, this set up focuses on muscle fitness and core strength with four exercise features that use a smaller footprint than most.
  • Performance Course 2.0: Nine machines make up this outdoor fitness package that includes a cardio walker, balance board, leg press, chin-up bar, push-up station, and more.

Fully Customizable to Meet Your Preferences

When it comes to outdoor athletic equipment in Southern California, your options can go beyond the kinds of features you use. The ActionFit® line of more than 40 products comes in a versatile array of 19 colors that can stand out or blend into your property as much as you see fit. Colors such as spring green, butterscotch, red, and sky blue can draw visitor’s eyes and curiosity toward your outdoor fitness equipment, while colors like beige, dark green, starlight black, and brown can be used to help blend in with natural surroundings.

You can also choose which kind of surfaces people will land on when they’re done exercising – whether it’s a rubber surface, interlocking tiles, grass, loose-fill, or another kind of artificial turf, Sun Country Playgrounds can help you source and install the surface of your choosing. Shade structures, benches, tables, and other site amenities can also complete your vision!

Add Outdoor Fitness to Any Kind of Property

Customers who buy ActionFit® outdoor fitness features and course are those who own or manage properties like:

  • Public parks
  • Hotels
  • Multi-family housing
  • Senior living centers
  • Fitness clubs
  • Schools and universities

Adding convenient fitness options to any of these places can inspire those who use them to lead healthier lifestyles and learn to love fitness and all the health benefits it can bring.

Reach out to Sun Country Playgroundstoday by calling (661) 529-7133 to discuss how we can help you select and install outdoor athletic equipment in Southern California.

Outdoor Athletic Equipment

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