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Ensure Kids' Safety with Our Playground Solutions in Oxnard

Is your property lacking a fun, engaging playground for all the kids in your community? Sun Country Playgrounds can help fix that by designing and installing a custom playground to your exact specifications.

For more than 20 years, we have been helping property owners, schools, churches, and more in Oxnard create and install playgrounds that prioritize safety. Our American-made products stand the test of time with supreme durability and compliance with strict safety ratings.

Explore Custom Playground Solutions with Sun Country Playgrounds by reaching out to our Oxnard team today.

Full-Service Playground Solutions in Oxnard

Our industry experts make it easy to get a custom playground for your property in Oxnard. We are here for each step along the way. From initial designs to repairs and maintenance, we proudly act as the one-stop shop you need for your playground.

Explore Our Comprehensive Playground Services:

  • Custom Planning: Every playground is unique — or at least it should be. We love sitting down with new and returning customers to plan a playground from top-to-bottom. Call (661) 529-7133 to arrange an onsite evaluation of your property to begin the planning process.
  • Innovative Design: Once we know your budget and the area designated for your new playground, we can start to talk about specific designs. Do you think two slides would be great, or maybe three? Is red the favorite color of the kids in your neighborhood? Let’s get down to the finest details to make certain you have the perfect playground.
  • Professional Installation: Of course, a playground on paper is not as fun as the real thing. We get right to work with safe and efficient installations of your playground after it is designed. You will be surprised with how quickly we can install a new playground, big or small.
  • Reliable Maintenance: There is no such thing as a completely finished playground because repairs and maintenance will be needed eventually. Make certain the children who play in your playground are as safe as can be by letting us perform maintenance and fixes as needed.

Are you worried about troubled youth spraying graffiti and obscene messages on your playground equipment? Not to worry — Sun Country Playgrounds in Oxnard uses anti-graffiti products that resist defacing and damage. It is all part of what sets us apart as the company to go to for playground designs, installation, and maintenance!

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  • “The playground equipment at Mission Oaks Park is one of, if not the best in the District.”

    - Dan at Pleasant Valley Parks & Recreation Department
  • “We are so grateful for their hard work, excellent service and quality equipment.”

    - S.R.