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The place where many childhood memories are made is the playground. Whether it’s reaching new heights on the swing set or feeling the rush of going down the slide, playgrounds are where kids have fun and interact with others.

If your property needs a playground that all the children in the community can enjoy, look no further than Sun Country Playgrounds. With more than two decades of experience, our family-owned-and-operated company provides American-made playground equipment, which meets national safety standards and is built to last. Do not hesitate to let us bring joy to your property, school, church, and more.

Benefits of working with our Camarillo playground equipment specialists include:

How We Can Help

As long as you envision having a playground on your property, Sun Country Playgrounds can do the rest. Our Camarillo playground installation experts can meet with you to discuss your ideas and budget, create 2D/3D renderings based on your concept, and then install quality playground equipment for the children to enjoy.

Our services include:

  • Planning – Most of our clients are unfamiliar with the science and process behind building a playground. Our Camarillo commercial playground equipment specialists can help you create a plan which fulfills your needs and budget.
  • Design – You will work directly with our experienced design and sales teams to design and develop custom commercial playgrounds which will bring joy for years to come.
  • Installation – Our company can install playground equipment, surfacing, and other amenities for parks, schools, daycares, churches, government facilities, and HOA management companies.
  • Maintenance – After installation, playgrounds require routine maintenance to ensure our kids are always safe. Not only do we provide regular maintenance services, but we also coat the play area with products which deter graffiti.

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Our mission at Sun Country Playgrounds is to create safe play areas where kids can let their imagination run wild and their adventures take place. We offer funding and leasing options can help bring your vision to life.

For more information about our playground services in Camarillo, contact us at (661) 529-7133 today.


Tell It Best
  • “The playground equipment at Mission Oaks Park is one of, if not the best in the District.”

    - Dan at Pleasant Valley Parks & Recreation Department
  • “We are so grateful for their hard work, excellent service and quality equipment.”

    - S.R.