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Welcome to Sun Country Playgrounds, your partner in creating vibrant and engaging playground experiences in Agoura Hills. Our team is passionate about transforming outdoor spaces into imaginative play areas that inspire creativity, exploration, and boundless fun. From innovative designs to top-quality equipment, we're here to bring your dream playground to life.

Contact us today at (661) 529-7133 or online to embark on an exciting journey with our playground company near Agoura Hills.

Why Choose Sun Country for Your Agoura Hills Playground?

  • Imagination Meets Expertise: Our team combines imaginative creativity with technical expertise to design playgrounds that capture the spirit of play while ensuring safety and functionality.

  • Tailored Solutions: Every space is unique. We tailor our designs and equipment selection to match your site's layout, budget, and the preferences of your community.

  • Safety First: Safety is paramount. Our playground designs adhere to the highest safety standards, providing a secure environment for children to explore and have fun.

Crafting Playgrounds That Spark Joy

What Are the Key Elements of an Engaging Playground Design?

Engaging playground designs often include:

  • Diverse Play Zones: Incorporating a mix of climbing, sliding, swinging, and imaginative play areas to cater to different interests and age groups.

  • Inclusive Features: Designs that are accessible to children of all abilities, ensuring everyone can enjoy the playground together.

Can Sun Country Playgrounds Customize Designs for Our Agoura Hills Space?

Absolutely. We design playgrounds that harmonize with Agoura Hills' natural surroundings, incorporating elements that reflect the local environment while fostering creative play.

What Types of Playground Equipment Do You Offer?

Our extensive range includes:

  • Climbers and Slides: From towering climbers to twisty slides, we offer a variety of options for different skill levels.

  • Swings: Traditional swings, inclusive swings, and even the exhilarating zip line for a variety of swinging experiences.

  • And More!

Safety and Maintenance: Ensuring Long-Lasting Play Value

How Do You Ensure the Safety and Longevity of Playground Equipment?

We prioritize safety and durability through:

  • Quality Materials: Our equipment is built with premium materials to withstand heavy use and the elements.

  • Regular Inspections: We recommend regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the equipment remains safe and functional.

Inclusive Playgrounds: Creating Spaces for All Abilities

Can Your Company Design Playgrounds for Children with Special Needs?

Absolutely. We believe in creating spaces where every child can play together. Our inclusive designs include ramps, sensory elements, and accessible features.

Call Our Custom Playground Company for A Play Space as Unique as Agoura Hills

For innovative playground designs and top-quality equipment in Agoura Hills, Sun Country Playgrounds is your go-to source. Let's work together to create a playground that ignites children's imaginations, fosters friendships, and encourages active play.

Contact us today at (661) 529-7133 or online to embark on an exciting journey of transformation with our playground company in Agoura Hills.


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  • “The playground equipment at Mission Oaks Park is one of, if not the best in the District.”

    - Dan at Pleasant Valley Parks & Recreation Department
  • “We are so grateful for their hard work, excellent service and quality equipment.”

    - S.R.