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Selfie World Playground in Southern California

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How many fleeting moments of fun and excitement on a playground are forgotten or go unnoticed? Every day, moments of joy sparked by fun on a playground happen across Southern California and beyond. Parents may catch a moment or two on their mobile phone or camera, but nothing compares to the new perspective offered by Selfie World.

Selfie World products from Play and Park Structures features playground equipment that incorporate a carefully placed slot to secure mobile phones. Once in this space, parents can put their phones in selfie mode using their mobile phone’s screen-side camera to record videos and photos from inside special swings as well as “Selfie Swizzler” and “Selfie Swirl With Me” features that spin and wobble.

To learn more about Selfie World products or how they can augment your playground, contact Sun Country Playgrounds online or call (661) 529-7133 today!

Why add a Selfie World feature?

Adding a Selfie World product to your playground can:

  • Give children and parents or guardians a new way to interact on the playground
  • Allow parents and guardians to capture and cherish precious playground moments
  • Let parents or relatives who are at work or live far away join in on the fun
  • Help children develop social bonds with each other on the playground
  • Offer a unique perspective of playground fun

Selfie Swirl With Me

This spinning product features mobile phone slots carefully positioned in front of two individual seats and one “buddy seat” capable of carrying two passengers. Capture the fun and excitement of spinning as fast as possible on this fun playground feature This product can be equipped with a center turn wheel that allows riders to spin it like a merry-go-round.

Selfie Swizzler

This swiveling and wobbling playground feature moved with a circular rocking motion that can be propelled by riders or with help from parents or friends. Inside of the passenger-carrying bucket is a thoughtfully placed slot for a mobile phone that can capture the fun from a unique perspective when in selfie mode!

Selfie Swing

Sometimes nothing beats the swaying sensation of a classic playground swing! Play and Park Structures® has revitalized this timeless playground feature for tikes by adding a place to put a mobile phone in for the ride. Catch all the smiles and laughs with a child you love with this fun feature!

Call Sun Country Playgrounds at (661) 529-7133 to learn more about our Selfie World products from Play and Park Structures®!

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